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Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 8:33 PM


Hi peeps.
Just a short post (hopefully). Haha.
Wanna talk about yesterday.
I woke up late.
Around 7.30 am or so.
Decided not to attend the lecture that morning.
Oh boy was i lucky.
Coz the lecture was cancelled.
But i still attended the neuroanatomy practical, which btw only a few ppl came tho (damn u)

After jumaat prayer.
Me and a few others went to midvalley.
Were planning to buy tickets to watch hikayat merong mahawangsa for the midnite showing.
But sadly the only seats available are the one nearest to the screen.
So we went to the gardens instead (which is not my idea, coz i know the tickets there are way overprice)
And i was right.
RM23 per person. (no way i'm paying tht much money for a movie)
So we decided to watch the movie tomorrow instead of today (which apparently the seats are pretty damn good).

Hmm, but then what am i supposed to do that nite?
Study? Errr~ the weekends just started. So that's a definite NO.
As i was about to lie down for a nap, i got a text.
Asking what are my plans for tonite.
When i said "no idea", she replied "maybe we can go for some tutti frutti"

Around 9 o'clock, me and 2 others headed out.
Because there is no actual plan been made, i suggested we go to damansara uptown to eat.
Luckily we found the place.
Had some kerang rebus and a few drinks.
As it was still early, the 3 of us decided to hang out at the curve.
So we went there, bought some tutti frutti, and had a stroll around the complex.
The atmosphere was quite nice.
It was drizzling a lil bit.
Yet not enough to make us wet.

But then we got bored with walking.
Somehow we decided to treat ourselves with some jagung bakar.
Well, if there's one place to eat jagung bakar it surely be at kg baru.
Yeah, they have the best jagung bakar in town.
As usual, kg baru was packed with hungry nite walkers.
Most of the stalls were crowded with ppl.
Even though it was nearly midnite.

So we bought the jagung bakar but we didn't eat there.
We were still eager to drive around KL town.
Our next destination was tasik titiwangsa.
Haha, eating jagung bakar around midnite, surrounded by water.

After that, we decided it's time to go back. (sigh~)
But the driver took the long way. (just for the sake of doing some sight seeing)
We drove along ampang district.
Passed through bukit bintang.
Saw a drunk man puking out of his car  -.-"
And finally arrived back to um around 1.30 am.