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Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 12:35 AM


Have u guys heard? 6th 'puisi' team won 2nd place! Yeah i'm not joking. They really did.
You guys really made us sixers proud! A job well done indeed.

Hmmm, i felt kinda disappointed that i couldn't watch their performance just now.
But i'm just not feeling that great tonite.
I have an upset stomach.
And i don't feel like being around ppl at the moment.

At first i planned to study for tomorrow neuroanatomy practical.
Well, i did managed to flip thru a couple of slides tho.
But i got sidetracked by something.

Haha, guess what it is?
Hmm, does hlovate ring any bells to u?
Well, for those who don't know what or who hlovate is, let me enlighten u a lil bit.

hlovate is actually a nickname(?) for an author.
She started writing during form 3.
And it was just for fun.
But somehow her stories, which she put up on her blog, become famous among her friends.
Kebabooom, all of sudden it became viral.

I first read her story, GT_i which is short for great trouble maker when i was in form 4.
And i was simply dumbstruck by the way she wrote the story.
I've never read anything like it.
It was very very very damn gooooooood.

Well, she is now a published author and GT_i had been separated into 2 books.
The first part is called Tunas - which covers the school life (not hers)
The 2nd part is called aA+bB - which tells the love story between addin n benz (such a cool name)
What i wanna say here is, please please please, if u had the chance, go take a look at these 2 awesome books.
I've read them multiple times already but still, i wanna read it again.

Haha, ok enuf about hlovate.
There's another thing that i wanna talk about.
Just now, i randomly click on someone's blog.
Well, that's not true. I actually click it on purpose. =P
I was excited to see that the owner had updated the blog.
But yet i was kinda sad coz the owner said that the blogging is gonna end.
Haih. Guess i'll just gonna continue stalking u on facebook then. Hehe
Anyway, you made it worth it not going to watch puisi just now.
Thanks for liking my post. Never knew that u notices me. Eceh *kill me now*