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Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 9:51 PM

Walking down the memory lane...

Hey guys! Whaddup? Hurm, recently i juz went for a walk down the memory lane. Well, you know what? It's pretty damn sucks! Haha. Not in a bad way lor. I've been reading novels from hlovate lately. And guess what? A whole bunch of old school memories juz flew back into action. That's why i said that i've been walking down the memory lane.

I'm not saying that the memories sucks. But, remembering them again is what made me felt like i wanna scream out loud. Wanna know why? Coz i really misses my high school life! There, i said it. Huhu. As you know, it has been a year since i haven't step on my high school ground. I wonder what had changed there during my absence. Whether good or bad. I hope not the latter. Actually, come to think of it. When i'm still in high school, i always asked myself "how long will i'll be stuck here?" but after i left for a year, yet another question comes to play "when will i go back there?". How ironic that is.

Well, i think it's not a crime for me to miss my high school life. Anyone with a right mind surely misses the joyous, never ending fun during that life time. I thought that after a year, i can surely forgets all the fun i had. But i was badly mistaken. Coz, all those memories are like a stubborn stain on the collar of a shirt - it won't go away easily.

Hurm, enough said. Maybe around next week, i'll be getting my mid-sem results. Wargh! Pray for me guys. These butterflies in my stomach juz kept pumping with adrenaline. They juz couldn't stop fluttering. Huhu. Anyway, i've still got less than 2 months before the final examination kicks in. Well, for the time being, i've got to study extremely hard like all hells break loose (hope not). I really hoping that i could score another 4 flat this time. Coz my future depends on it. Whether or not i join the squad of the lifesavers.

But before i embark on the journey through the life of a painfully never endings studies of a med student, i think i'm gonna make a detour to my beloved high school. Ahaks.