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Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 12:38 PM

Bad week... Argh..!!

Yup. Last week was the worst. So much pain, and so many suffering. Haha. I like to exagerate a little bit. So what?

Tuesday : Woke up that morning. It seems like any other day. But! When i went to brush my teeth. Argh!!! I felt a very sharp pain in my mouth. Guess what? I've got an ulcer. Ayoo~ It hurts a lot though. I can't even drink or eat without feeling like i was consuming a razor blade. Yeah. That's how it feel like when having an ulcer in the mouth. Then, i brace myself and juz drank plenty of fluid coz my mom once said that drinking lots and lots of plain water can help me recover. Eventhough it hurts a whole lot more, but i guess it's worth it. Coz now, the ulcer is gone for good. Alhamdulillah. Thank god for that.

Wednesday : The day that i received my mid-sem results. And sadly enough. I've got B for my physics 4 (FMAX 0114). Huhu. If anyone should be blame, well it is certainly be me. Coz, i did not threw enough effort on that subject actually. So, what you give, is what you get back, rite? So, from now on, gotta work hard on my physics. Come on now! Hit me with ur best shot! Haha.

Thursday : Well, on wednesday evening. I got a text saying that i'm one of the scholars receiving an award for my excellency in sem 1 final exm. Hurm, feeling a little bit excited 'bout it. Maybe i got my hopes to high. But, the outcome of the event was really unexpected and somehow humiliating. Wanna know why? Well, me n my fellow 'asasian' sat in the hall for about 3 hours, and for what? Juz for a certificate (with my IC stupidly been written incorrectly) and nothing else. And apart from that, we did not even set foot on the stage. Only one of us (asasian) was called to represent us all. What da heck? All the faculty students were called upon and they also received a trophy. What a pile of BS. And in case any of you wondering, my so-called 'award' has found a new home - the garbage bin.