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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 10:58 PM


Blk mkn dari wahid ptg td.
Sakit pale x hingat dunia.
Rase nk hantuk pale kt dinding.
Update status kt fb tnye 'sape ade panadol'
Jawapan msing2 mmg saje nk ak carut.

Sbb still xde sape bg panadol.
Pas mghrb aku tido.
Konon dpt hilang kn pening, ak sapu minyak panas kt pale.
Bgun2 kul 10, still pening lg.

Nk gi beli panadol kt kedai runcit.
Bru perasan duit dah abes.

Terus capai kunci kete.
Start enjin.
Gerak gi kps nk cucuk duit.

Sampai kps, tgk2 xley masuk sbb ade gerai APK.
Mencarut jap pastu gerak gi bank islam kt bangunan peperiksaan.
Cucuk duit kt ctu abes burn RM1 sbb gune kad maybank.

Drive blk kolej.
Benti jap kt depan gate.
Turun gi kedai runcit.
Beli panadol + air mineral + nescafe tin.

Masuk blk kete, terus telan 2 biji panadol.
Park kete kt tmpat yg x kene clamp.
Balik bilik, update blog.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 @ 1:21 AM


I'm so irritated rite now.
Wanna know why?
It's all because of this coming thursday.
What's up with tht?
English presentation laaaaa.
Well, i'm not complaining about the presentation itself.
But the slides that i have to come up with, irritates me the most.
Damn it.
And somehow the internet decided to f*** up with me by giving me super slow connection just now.
So i had to start doing my slides around 11 o'clock.
And because i had the obsession to do everything so nicely done, it took me about 2 hours just to finish preparing 7 slides.
WTF? I think i got OCD(?) -.-

Well, it's almost 1.30 am, and i haven't even started drafting my speech (yet here i am writing on my blog, duhhh)
Luckily i only had to talk for about 4 minutes.
Haih, i'll just write something tomorrow lah.
Rite now i wanna sleep (shit, just remembered that 8 o'clock tomorrow got pathology replacement class)

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Monday, March 14, 2011 @ 1:38 AM

Proud to be Malaysian...

A short post before i sleep.

World No.1 Dato’ Lee Chong Wei retains his Yonex All-England title by beating nemesis, Lin Dan of China 21-17, 21-17.
He is the third Malaysian in history to retain the title. 
This should silence the critics who have slagged Chong Wei for not winning the majors. 
The match was as world-class as it gets.

A big CONGRATULATION to u chong wei! XD

Nite peeps!
A brand new week awaits us.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 11:39 AM


Last nite, b4 going to bed.
I set my alarm clock to 7.00am.
Gila ke ape aku? Hari ni ahad la woi!!
Hmm, it's not like that la.
It's sunday ma.
DM serves nasi lemak for breakfast (well, i've only had it once or twice sbb x penah bgun awal camtu)
Lgpun smalam tido with an empty stomach.
So i thought i might as well had some nasi lemak the next morning.
Anyway, i did woke up at 7, but typical me, i pushed the snooze button (several times tho. sigh~)

So now, im triple times hungrier than last nite.
And the great thing is DM serves fish for lunch (notice my sarcasm???)
Hmmmm, well then bye2 DM and hello KFC!!

Ok, x mandi lg.
Janji ngan org nk pegi kul 12.

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@ 12:56 AM

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Today is my dad's birthday (well i call him "Papa" tho)
So let's sing for him.

Happy Birthday to u~
Happy Birthday to u~
Happy Birthday dear Hj Shuhaimi~
Happy Birthday to u~

Hmm, this year papa is turning 63. (woa, that's quite a huge number)
On this beautiful day, I wish you peace and comfort for all the times to come.
Happy Birthday Papa!
I'm proud to be your one and only son :)

On a side note.
It's 12.56 am and im soooooo hungry.
GAH, im lazy to go anywhere for food hunting.
So i'll just eat my koko crunch then :P
Yeah, im 20 and still enjoys my cereals.
Got a problem with that?

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Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 9:43 PM

The Places We Should Have Gone...

We often want second chances. 
Sometimes we don't deserve them. 
The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. 
Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes.

p/s : let us not be like this.

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@ 8:33 PM


Hi peeps.
Just a short post (hopefully). Haha.
Wanna talk about yesterday.
I woke up late.
Around 7.30 am or so.
Decided not to attend the lecture that morning.
Oh boy was i lucky.
Coz the lecture was cancelled.
But i still attended the neuroanatomy practical, which btw only a few ppl came tho (damn u)

After jumaat prayer.
Me and a few others went to midvalley.
Were planning to buy tickets to watch hikayat merong mahawangsa for the midnite showing.
But sadly the only seats available are the one nearest to the screen.
So we went to the gardens instead (which is not my idea, coz i know the tickets there are way overprice)
And i was right.
RM23 per person. (no way i'm paying tht much money for a movie)
So we decided to watch the movie tomorrow instead of today (which apparently the seats are pretty damn good).

Hmm, but then what am i supposed to do that nite?
Study? Errr~ the weekends just started. So that's a definite NO.
As i was about to lie down for a nap, i got a text.
Asking what are my plans for tonite.
When i said "no idea", she replied "maybe we can go for some tutti frutti"

Around 9 o'clock, me and 2 others headed out.
Because there is no actual plan been made, i suggested we go to damansara uptown to eat.
Luckily we found the place.
Had some kerang rebus and a few drinks.
As it was still early, the 3 of us decided to hang out at the curve.
So we went there, bought some tutti frutti, and had a stroll around the complex.
The atmosphere was quite nice.
It was drizzling a lil bit.
Yet not enough to make us wet.

But then we got bored with walking.
Somehow we decided to treat ourselves with some jagung bakar.
Well, if there's one place to eat jagung bakar it surely be at kg baru.
Yeah, they have the best jagung bakar in town.
As usual, kg baru was packed with hungry nite walkers.
Most of the stalls were crowded with ppl.
Even though it was nearly midnite.

So we bought the jagung bakar but we didn't eat there.
We were still eager to drive around KL town.
Our next destination was tasik titiwangsa.
Haha, eating jagung bakar around midnite, surrounded by water.

After that, we decided it's time to go back. (sigh~)
But the driver took the long way. (just for the sake of doing some sight seeing)
We drove along ampang district.
Passed through bukit bintang.
Saw a drunk man puking out of his car  -.-"
And finally arrived back to um around 1.30 am.

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Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 12:35 AM


Have u guys heard? 6th 'puisi' team won 2nd place! Yeah i'm not joking. They really did.
You guys really made us sixers proud! A job well done indeed.

Hmmm, i felt kinda disappointed that i couldn't watch their performance just now.
But i'm just not feeling that great tonite.
I have an upset stomach.
And i don't feel like being around ppl at the moment.

At first i planned to study for tomorrow neuroanatomy practical.
Well, i did managed to flip thru a couple of slides tho.
But i got sidetracked by something.

Haha, guess what it is?
Hmm, does hlovate ring any bells to u?
Well, for those who don't know what or who hlovate is, let me enlighten u a lil bit.

hlovate is actually a nickname(?) for an author.
She started writing during form 3.
And it was just for fun.
But somehow her stories, which she put up on her blog, become famous among her friends.
Kebabooom, all of sudden it became viral.

I first read her story, GT_i which is short for great trouble maker when i was in form 4.
And i was simply dumbstruck by the way she wrote the story.
I've never read anything like it.
It was very very very damn gooooooood.

Well, she is now a published author and GT_i had been separated into 2 books.
The first part is called Tunas - which covers the school life (not hers)
The 2nd part is called aA+bB - which tells the love story between addin n benz (such a cool name)
What i wanna say here is, please please please, if u had the chance, go take a look at these 2 awesome books.
I've read them multiple times already but still, i wanna read it again.

Haha, ok enuf about hlovate.
There's another thing that i wanna talk about.
Just now, i randomly click on someone's blog.
Well, that's not true. I actually click it on purpose. =P
I was excited to see that the owner had updated the blog.
But yet i was kinda sad coz the owner said that the blogging is gonna end.
Haih. Guess i'll just gonna continue stalking u on facebook then. Hehe
Anyway, you made it worth it not going to watch puisi just now.
Thanks for liking my post. Never knew that u notices me. Eceh *kill me now*

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Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 9:58 PM


Adeh, sakit perut. Bkn sakit sbb lapa, bkn sakit sbb nk u'uk. Tp sakit sbb.......... ntah, ak pun x tau sakit sbb ape. Bkn sakit pun snanye. Rase x selesa. Rase cam panas. Haih. Ni mesti gara2 mkn ayam masak merah cili berapi dm ptg td. Wakaka. Sedap mmg ar sedap. Ak rase cam nk tmbh nasik je td. Tp tgk ar ape jdik skang. Adeh, x selesa nya perut ni. Nk kene amek antacid kot. Tp ak xde. Nk gi beli malas la plop. Haha. So nmpk gayenye kene tahan je ar tuk mlm ni. Harap2 jap gi ok la. Ssh ar nk stdy camni *poyo lebih*

Neway, ni nak cite sal sakit kt tmpt len plak. Haha. Nk dekat seminggu dah. Tp sakit dy x ilang2 gak. Duh. Ni sume gara2 x reti nk pki kasut. Haha. Ak watpe? Ala, men badminton bodo2 kt ppum tu. Sumpah lame ak x men. Last ak men time form 3 kalau x silap. Lu jgn pandang rendah kt wa, lu ingt wa x reti men?? Haha. Haritu men cam byk slack gak ar. Dh lame weh ak x pgg raket. Skill pun lari sket ar.  Ala, name pun men bodo2. Ye ar, bkn men kt court btol pun, net pun tarak. Tp tu ar. Dah tu ak men lak x pki kasut. Kaki ayam je. So time ade skali tu nk sambut bola, terpeleot *btol ke eja ni?* ak nye jari kaki. Fuuuhhh, mantap wa ckp lu dia punya sakit. Mula2 ak wat2 x tau je. Ye ar, ingtkn sket je. Tp esk nye ak bgun tido, perghhh, nk jln pun susah. Padahal satu jari je yg sakit. Tu ar, slame ni x penah nk amek port pun pasal kaki tu bila xde pape. Bila Allah tarik nikmat sihat tu, haa bru padan muka ak. Huhu. Sampai skang ni jari tu still sakit lg. Tp alhamdulillah la skang ni x seteruk haritu. So moral of the story, klu nk men sport tu, sila la pki kasut ye. Haha.

klu sy sakit sy wat muka camni boleh? -.-

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 @ 12:20 AM


Lately wa slalu rase rindu2 ni. Haaaaa, agk2 wa rindu sape? Ceit, klu tnye sama lu sume, mesti jwb pelik2 suda. Ok ar wa ckp terus. Wa rindu smkajb. Kui3. Npe? Lu x suke? Ah, wa peduli ape. Suke hati wa ar nk rindu skolah lame wa. 

Ecece, poyo nk wa lu wa lu ni pehal en? Sje je ar. Nak kasi macho sket penulisan ni. Kei3. Haha. K ar. Seyes ni. Nape tetibe ak rse rindu lak ni? Adekah d sbb kan insiden minggu lepas? Tetttt. Insiden apekah? Hehe. Sat na, nk habaq mai la ni. Huhu. Last week ak gi mid same ngan konco2 ak. Haha. Hari ape ak lupe dah. Jumaat kot. Sje je gi mid sbb nk beli brg dapur. Sambil tu nk gi melantak kt portugese grill *sluuuurrrrpppp* Sedap wo. Eh3. Lari topik lak. Ok2. Sambung blk. Alah, cite dy pendek je. X saspen pun. Haha, ekceli, ak terserempak ngan cgu fizik ak time form 4 & form 5 dlu. "ek ele, tu je? wa ingt lu jumpe angelina jolie ke ape" Ah, ade aku kesah? Ak terkejut beruk gak kot nmpk cgu ak tu. Ye ar. Dia duk jb, time ak jln2 kt jb tu x penah lak nk terserempak. Ni ak dah kt kL ni bleh plak jumpe. Ehe, tp sbb kn time tu rmi org, n ak lak cam speechless time tu, xde la ak gi tegur cgu ak ni. Ala, lgpun dy cam ngah jln ngan awek dy *ehem ampun cgu, tp bila kami ni nk dpt merasa mkn nasik myk ni??* Haha, jgn x caye. Cgu ak ni kira feymes la kot kt skola ak ni. Rupa bleh tahan, muda lak tu. Eceh, dah ak mls nk describe byk2. Kang ade x ley smayang nnti kang. Wakakaka. 

Ok2, pas da terjumpe cgu ak tu, ak pun teringat la zaman muda mudi ak kt smkajb dlu. Haih, klu ak nk story pengalaman ak kt ctu, mmg ko kene bercamping 4 hari 5 malam ar kt blog ak ni. Haha. Byk kot pengalaman pahit manis tawar payau ak kt sne. Wakaka. Cuma ak nk ckp kt cni, kt smkajb la ak kenal erti hidup *cewaaaaah*, kt smkajb la ak dpt menilai erti persahabatan *bleh muntah berjemaah skang*, kt smkajb gak la ak dpt belajar idup berdikari *suma pakat2 pandang tempat len*. Ape2 pun ak bersyukur ak dpt skolah kt ctu slame 5 tahun *xde gi belot pindah skolah len pas pmr, sentap*. Aku bersyukur dpt kenal kwn2, cgu2, junior2, senior2 kt ctu dan alhamdulillah ak still contact lg ngan sebilangan drpd mereka2 ni sume. Ak msuk smkajb ibarat kain putih *cess konon suci sngt la*, dan kuar ngan pelbagai corak yg warna warni.

Skang, ak nk kasi tunjuk sket gamba skola ak. Haha, tp yg ni versi updated. Time dlu xde la rupe camni pun.

smkajb XD

kt entrance

laluan masuk

byk plak kete time ni -.-


dewan omar abdul aziz
(time ak F1 ade sorng senior sebijik name cam dewan ni haha)

dlm surau (2 tingkat k, kau ade?)


cantik en?

(aish, rindu nk lari2 kt koridor tu)

dewan makan

dewan makan

p/s : gamba tuk event men bowling tu dah ade. gi cekidauttt kt post2 before this :P

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011 @ 11:55 PM

Tukar fikiran...

Ni nk bgtau sket

Wa x jdi tuka gune tumblr tuk merepek maraban sume

Sbb ape?? Sukati wa ar nk wat pe pun. Lu kecoh pahal???

Haha, xde ar. Smalam wa da try men2 kt tumblr. Ntah bpe kali wa tuka layout. Tp still x berkenan.

Snanye tumblr tu best je. Tp sbb kn x rmi lg yg gune. Rata2 yg ak kenai sume buta tumblr. (hehe jgn mare)

Nnti cam x best la klu ak pindah blogpost ak sume kt tumblr.

So, ak decide tuk teruskan merepek maraban kt cni jela. 

Jdi, kpd kipas-susah-mati ak kt luar sane tu, nnti kan la post2 ak yg sedap d bace tu kt cni ye.

But then tumblr tu ak still pakai. Tp tuk suke2 je. Snanye menarik ar gne tumblr ni. Korang try la wat account. Nnti ley la kita saling follow me-mollow (wadafak?) Haha. Ampunkan carutan beta tu ye.

Hmmm, chow, adios amigos~

p/s : http://aku-sehelai-kertas.tumblr.com/

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@ 1:06 AM

Last post. X nak blog lagi dah...

Hmmm, yep. Ni ak nye last post. Pasni ak dah x nk blog lgi dah. 

Kenape? Ntah la. Ade masalah peribadi. Blogger dah x memberi kepuasan kat ak dah skang ni.

Wat follower2 ak di luar sane. Jgn la cdey2 ye. 

Sbb nye, wa tippppooooooooooo je ni. Wakaka. Snanye wa nk cube bende baru. Apekah dy? Hehe. Jeng3.


Bende alah ni same je cam blogger, tp dy ade twist sket. Wa nk story pun x power lg. So klu sape2 berminat, gi la usha page wa ye. Tp still dlm construction lg. So jgn nk byk bunyik lak ek.

Neway, ni url tuk page tumblr wa

Mai la dtg melawat XD