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08/04/1990 and where are my presents?
Male. Malay. Johor Bahru
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Mira Nina Sharah Aqmar Dhamirah Ainin

Cha'a Amirul Isz Rya Munira Sa'ei Ikin Faiq Ajib Edlyn Fizi Ijat Adeq Payin Hikmah Eis Afiqah Ain Piqa Sapar

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Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 10:58 PM


I miss u so much. There i said it. It's been 4 years since i last saw u. Yeah, 4 years. So don't blame me for missing u so much. I thought things would be easier as years gone by. But, apparently it doesn't. It kills me that i couldn't see u everyday like before. Sure we do contacted each other these past 4 years but still, it is not the same. We've been drifting further apart from each other and i'm not lying, it hurts. I'm not sure whether u still feel the same way as u did before, but i sure hell am. There's never been a day where i don't think about you and i don't think there will be a day that i forget about u completely. I really hope u could read this but a part of me hoping that u would not. I can see that u're now doing quite well with ur life and a big congratulation for the thing u just got the other day. I'm really proud of u. If it meant to be like this, i wish u the very best.