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Saturday, December 20, 2008 @ 11:31 PM

Run Forrest..!! Run..!!

Huhu. If anyone had noticed, the title of this post is kinda nostalgic. Well, it is, if you had ever watched Forrest Gump before. For those who knew, you might as well guess what I'm going to write about. Huhu. Today is one hell of the most tiresome day of my life at PASUM. Wanna know why? It simply bcoz I had to run for about 10km (I think) around the campus. I think I've never run that far before. Well, maybe I was exaggerating about the distance. But, it might as well be true. oh, I forgot to mention (for those who are still clueless), PASUM held a jogathon race this morning. It seems like an annual event. So, I can't hardly complaint that the admin want to organize it again this year. Huhu. But, my legs are aching all over.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to attend a talk about something (don't really know what it is about and don't actually care at all) but I'm going to skip it. Bcoz I've got so many tutorial to finish up, biology and physics test to study for and whole lot more things to do. By the way, the talk is actually divided into 2 phases, I've already missed the first one, why bother coming for the next, right?